Mercodor shredder ZM 52

Mercodor shredding machines are the ideal solution for commercial and industrial operations to effectively and economically reduce the volume of waste. Thanks to the customised adjustment of the cutting blades and special inserts, the shredder can always be designed to suit the material to be shredded and the size of the waste material.

Technical information on the Mercodor shredder type ZM 52

Cutting unit:

Type: ZM 52
Cutting chamber (mm): 650 x 540, 1050 x 540
Drive (kW): 15/18, 5/22
Perforated sieve Ø (mm): -
Throughput/h: 500 - 1000 kg depending on material
Weight (kg): 3000 kg

Areas of application:

  • Large-volume industrial waste, sheet metal and
  • Plastic containers, cardboard packaging, foils, pallet remnants
  • Hospital waste - syringes, cannulas, bandages
  • Production waste, hospital waste
  • File folders, EDP lists, discs, CDs
  • Food, leftovers
  • Raw material recycling - glass, plastics, paper
  • etc.

Subject to technical changes! Customised products on request.

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