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MERCODOR shredding systems

are particularly economical and effective solutions for commercial and industrial operations, raw material recycling, office and household waste.

The basic designs can always be optimised for the material to be shredded or the desired size of the waste material thanks to special inserts or attachments and the individual adjustment of the cutting blades (number, type, shape and composition). This ensures an optimum degree of shredding of a wide variety of waste materials, such as wood, glass, sheet metal, plastic, textiles, rubber, paper, cardboard, aluminium and steel shavings, filter fleece, etc. The following special designs are available for special tasks:

Shredder with perforated sieve design

We supply the shredder for your waste problem.

Shredder in stainless steel design

Also with only wetted parts in stainless steel.

Single-shaft shredder

Also available in different sizes.

Styrofoam shredder

For shredding polystyrene waste.

Tuber crusher

We offer CNC contract manufacturing for industry.

Bottle crusher

Bottles can also be shredded with our shredders.

Cardboard shredder

Can be used for your waste.

Chip shredder

For shredding steel chips.