MERCODOR shredding systems

stand for solutions that can be employed everywhere - economical and effective for commercial and industrial enterprises, raw material recycling, office and household waste.

By specially matching the individual cutting blades (number, type, shape and characteristics), and using inserts or attachments, the basic construction can always be optimally adapted to the material to be shredded or the desired size of the waste output.

This guarantees an optimum degree of comminution of very varied waste materials, such as wood, glass, metal, plastic, textiles, rubber, paper, cardboard, aluminum and steel chips, filter fabric, etc.

For special jobs, the following special designs, among others, are available:

  • Shredder with perforated screen
  • Cutters made of stainless steel or only the parts in contact with the medium made of stainless steel
  • Single-shaft shredders in different sizes
  • Polystyrene granulator
  • Paperboard shredder
  • Lump crusher
  • Chip reducer
  • Bottle crusher

Tell us what your waste problem is. We will be pleased to advise and inform you.