Swarf recycling with Mercodor equipment

For the optimal processing and reduction of steel and stainless steel chips, cast, aluminium, copper, brass, titanium and precious metal turnings, for instance, Mercodor, with its rugged, compact precision cutters has the right solution for each and every task.

Single machine
Can be directly incorporated by the customer into an existing plant.

Decentralized treatment

Decentralized swarf handling is the cleanest and optimal technological concept for processing turnings. A shredder is installed at each processing machine. From there, the metal shavings are conveyed to the central processing point.

Central processing
In the case of several machines some distance apart and depending on the local conditions, nevertheless, in some cases a central swarf processing plant may be the most economical design. In this case, the metal turnings are collected at the machines and transported with chip trolleys to the processing machine. This central solution requires no changes to the existing production process.

All Mercodor swarf processing systems have one thing in common: no two are alike. Mercodor offers different shredding designs and different-sized cutting machinery for all performance requirements. Our modular drive systems offer a wide variety of internal and external mounting and installation options, in and on return pump stations, under chip conveyors, above pneumatic locks, on briquetting presses and other special solutions.

Our individual housing shapes are able to fit the most difficult installation conditions.