gebrauchte Shredder

Welcome to MERCODOR GmbH Sondermaschinenbau KG

The company MERCODOR GmbH Sondermaschinenbau KG is a manufacturer of shredding systems and specializes in manufacturing customized shredders and crushers at its factory in Trebur, including machines for industrial and commercial establishments, hotels, hospitals, canteen kitchens, on cruise ships as well as for household waste disposal and raw material recycling.

Today, the company's long experience in the most diverse areas of application is our guarantee of trouble-free use. The shredders are characterized by particularly robust construction, virtually maintenance-free operation and high efficiency combined with low energy consumption.

The second pillar of our business, besides the manufacture of shredding systems, is our service to customers who order their own precision parts from us on a contract manufacturing basis. These include CNC turned and milled parts. We produce high-quality, precision parts according to customer specifications using the latest automated processing technology.

Listed below is a brief selection of application areas in which our shredders and crushers are used.

Areas of application:

  • Production waste - turnings (swarf, chips), empty bags
  • Hospital waste - syringes, needles, bandages
  • Food leftovers, bones, shells
  • Cosmetic / pharmaceutical returns, laboratory waste
  • Office waste - loose paper, diskettes, CDs
  • Raw material recycling - glass and PET bottles
  • Hotel and catering waste - cardboard boxes and containers
  • Lump crusher, crushing ashes