Shredding electronic waste with Mercodor shredding systems

For the optimal treatment of electronic waste, such as household appliances, TV sets or TV housings, it is particularly important to obtain as pure secondary raw materials as possible. For this purpose, Mercodor with its robust, compact precision cutters has exactly the right solution.

Why recycle electronic waste?

Not only from an environmental point of view, but also from an economic point of view, the recycling of electronic waste such as household appliances, TV sets or even TV housings is quite attractive. For example, rising prices make recycling of electronic waste commercially lucrative for metals. In addition to secondary raw materials such as various metals, the recycling of electronic waste also includes plastics, which are used as fuels in waste incineration plants.

Another field of application is the reliable destruction of data such as hard disks. In a time when the theft of electronic data is becoming more common and the deletion of sensitive data on hard disks is becoming quite difficult, it is important to dispose of old hard disks in such a way that the use of any existing data is no longer possible. With our shredding equipment, you destroy such sensitive data irretrievably.